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    amanda cuba havana

    These two local women wearing traditional garb called out to us as we passed by on our way to Plaza Vieja. The 92-year-old woman on the left told us that she smokes everyday and her health is in excellent condition. They asked us for a few coins each after we took a few photos of them.

    Until Fidel Castro and his revolutionaries took over the country in 1959, Cuba was once the top importer of North American-manufactured cars. The cars are commonly referred to as "yank tanks." We saw a man sleeping in the passenger seat of a "yank tank" outside of the second-largest church in Cuba, Iglesia de Jesús de Miramar.

    For the next 50 years, owners of these "coches Americanos" would be forced to improvise repairs without access to replacement parts.

    While walking in Centro Habana, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Havana, we came across a typical farmers market.

    Next to the market was a "carnicería," or a butcher's shop, where we saw raw meat hanging from the window of the store.

    Far from the tourist hotspots, the severely impoverished neighborhood of Centro Habana bustled with life.

    We were thankful to share a few precious moments with the residents of Centro Habana.

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